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Lisinopril is prescribed not only for treatment of arterial hypertension. This medicine can be taken for treatment \prevention of a sharp myocardial infarction, warm insufficiency, a stroke, and also in a complex with other drugs, Lisinopril may be taken for diabetes treatment.
The wide range of pharmacological action of Lisinopril allows using this medicine in the various medical purposes. Thanks to it, Lisinopril is widely used worldwide and the majority of cardiologists prescribe this medicine.

Lisinopril is usually prescribed only after preliminary complex examination of an organism of a patient. Only a medical specialist can appoint necessary recommendations for application Lisinopril and specify all precautionary measures. The dosage of Lisinopril is established depending on features of an organism of a patient, and also depends on severity of a disease.
Usually, Lisinopril is taken 1 time per day, irrespective of meal. Lisinopril’s dosage gradually increases from 10 mg to 40 mg per day. Depending on the stage of a disease, the doctor himself defines with what frequency it is necessary to increase a dose in what quantities. Lisinopril may be taken both at chronic hypertensia and at acute crises.
At the chronic course of arterial hypertension, duration of a course of treatment makes from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on reaction of your organism to effect of the medicine.

Lisinopril’s effect
Lisinopril’s pharmacological effect is aimed at fast decrease in arterial pressure. The quicker the medicine can help to reduce pressure, the better the patient can feel and the less risk of emergence of complications can be.
More often, Lisinopril is used for long application at chronic forms as gradually collecting in walls of fabrics; Lisinopril’s active particles eliminate the reasons of emergence of the illness. Though at emergencies, Lisinopril’s effect is also very productive.
Lisinopril’s pharmacological effect comes in 1 hour after intake of 1 pill of the medicine. Lisinopril improves blood circulation, reduces risk of emergence of the heart attack and the stroke and improves work of the whole cardiovascular system. Duration of action of Lisinopril depends only on assimilation and reaction of an organism to action of this drug.

Arterial hypertension is a disease characterized by continuous permanent increase of arterial pressure. Chronic existence of increased arterial pressure shows that a human body works at a limit and if not to undertake necessary measures to decrease arterial pressure, it may lead to bad complications and subsequently to sharp expression of any frustration or violation, for example, the Stroke.
But certainly, it is better not to bring the organism to the chronic stage of arterial hypertension. It is recommended at first symptoms of hypertension, to begin a necessary course of treatment which will promote normalization of arterial pressure. At well-timed intake of medicines, it is possible to prevent emergence of complications and to improve health condition. Lisinopril may be irreplaceable medicine in such a situation.

Lisinopril is a medicine which is applied in treatment of arterial hypertension and is one of the best drugs of the group. Lisinopril’s pharmacological properties are shown irrespective of severity and the disease duration as the main effect of the medicine is aimed at etiology elimination. Lisinopril passed numerous clinical researches with participation of leading druggists from all over the world and the data of the researches showed that this medicine really possesses those properties which are designated in the instruction to the drug. Treatment by Lisinopril with guarantee normalizes your arterial pressure, and you will feel freedom and ease.

Lisinopril side effects
Side effects of Lisinopril more often arise at individual intolerance of operating components of the medicine. If to observe all precautionary measures, no misunderstanding and unpleasant reaction from an organism will happen. For this reason it is necessary to observe doctor’s advice. But even if you had side effects, it is not necessary to worry as usually character of side effects of Lisinopril is mild and they do not pose threat for an organism.
Possible side effects: headache, dizziness, increased fatigue, nervousness, palpitation, breast pain, sharp strong decrease in arterial pressure.

• Lisinopril is not recommended for intake at sharp violations in work of liver, kidneys, during pregnancy, in the period of lactation, at advanced age.
• If Lisinopril’s application during nursing is the only exit of decrease in arterial pressure, it is necessary to transfer the child to nursing.
• It is not allowed to use Lisinopril at an allergy to any component of the medicine, and also at oedema angioneuroticum Quincke.
• It is necessary to intake Lisinopril in full compliance with all recommendations of the medical specialist. Only this way, it is possible to achieve necessary result in the shortest terms.

What Lisinopril is used for
Doctors worldwide commonly recommend to buy Lisinopril for lowering of high blood pressure, which they call hypertension. In more rare situations, Lisinopril is also used fo the treatment of heart failure and during therapy after the heart attack.

Everyone has blood pressure that helps your blood to circulate and spread all around your body.
Your blood pressure may vary depending on how anxious or busy you are in different times of the day. When your blood pressure remains higher than it is needed, this means that you have hypertension.
Usually, there are no symptoms of hypertension. Having your blood pressure determined regularly is the only way of knowing that you have hypertension. If will not treat your high blood pressure, it can lead to serious worsening of general health state. Even if you have no symptoms and feel fine, hypertension can cause heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.
In order to avoid this potential danger of hypertension, doctors worldwide recommend to buy Lisinopril, since it helps to lower your blood pressure.

Heart Failure:
Health state, when heart muscle cannot pump blood strongly enough to supply all the blood needed throughout the body is called”Heart failure”. Do not confuse Heart failure with heart attack, since it is not the same and does not mean that the heart stops working.
At the beginning, heart failure may have no symptoms, but as the condition progresses, you may feel shortness of breathing or may get tired easily after any physical activity, even so easy as walking. Also, after heart failure, you may notice swollen ankles and feet.
It is recommended to buy Lisinopril for the treatment of heart failure, since it is the best medication on the market, which can improve your symptoms.
Lisinopril treat heart failure by widening of the blood vessels, so that the heart does not have to pump excessively hard to spread the blood around the body. This also means that when you stress your heart excessively, such as during running, the heart may cope better and you may not get short of breath as easily.
It is recommended to take Lisinopril in a mix with other medicines called fluid tablets or diuretics. These medications help the kidney to remove excess fluid from the body.

Heart Attack:
When one of the main blood vessels that supply blood to the heart becomes blocked, a heart attack occurs, heart muscle is damaged and heart does not receive the oxygen it needs.
This heart muscle damage may lead to additional difficulties such asirregular heart rhythms, blood clots and heart failure.
It is recommended to buy Lisinopril for the prevention of complications of heart attack, such as heart failure.
Lisinopril belongs to an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors group of medicines.
Howeer, your doctor may recommend you to buy Lisinopril for another reason. If you have any questions about why Lisinopril has been prescribed for you, feel free to ask your doctor.

How to take it
You should take your Lisinopril dose with a glass of water or other liquid, with or without food, approximately at the same time every day, if you want to have the best effect from Lisinopril therapy and this is much easier to remember when to take it.

How long to take it
When you buy Lisinopril, you should note that this medicine helps to control your high blood pressure and helps to improve your health state after heart failure, but does not cure these conditions.
If you buy Lisinopril, you should be ready to take it every day for as long as your doctor recommends you to.
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